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About Us
St. Francis' Table Atlanta

St. Francis' Table was concieved in 1982 by members of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in response to the opening of other churches in the area as night shelters. Since that time St. Francis' Table has been open each Saturday morning to feed and support the hungry.

Our Work

On Saturday, April 19, 1982 St. Francis' Table opened its doors and began serving the homeless, hungry and poor. In the beginning we served 75 to 200 people a day. Now we serve between 400 and 800. We make about 1,000 sandwiches and about 70 Gallons of stew to start and extend as necessary. Volunteers have made in excess of 650,000 sandwiches and 410,000 gallons of stew while our doors have been open. We assume, rightly, that this may be the only meal these people have all day. We hope that a nutritional goal of 2500 calories per guest at this one meal is met by each person. Our guests walk out a little stronger and a little taller as they leave.

The poor are our masters. This is why we serve.

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"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness" -The Dali Lama

"Our work is about awareness as much as it is about preparing and serving the food."

...from a worker at St. Francis' Table

Our Location

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