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St. Francis' Table Atlanta

Welcome to St. Francis' Table, Atlanta

St. Francis' signature

St. Francis' Table is a soup kitchen. Through it we provide food, drink, and sometimes clothing to the homeless, the poor and the hungry. The numbers of those served is in the tens of thousands, but we serve them all one friend at a time. All are welcome at St. Francis' Table.

This web site is dedicated to furthering the efforts of assisting the poor and hungry. In it you will find out more about our work and about the problems and causes of poverty, homelessness and hunger. There is not now, nor has there ever been a global, one-time-solution to these problems. No single person can completely solve the problems at once; but one person, you, can be a part of the ongoing solution to the problems if you, like us, acknowledge that the poor and the hungry are our masters.

Mission Statement

At St. Francis' Table our purpose is to proide nourishment and suport to those in need. St. Francis of Assisi and other servants of the hungry and poor provide our model and inspiration.

Shrine of the Immaculate Conception: Where St. Francis' Table is located

"They laugh and cry, they're people just like you and me, they need help and not just sympathy." Mother Teresa

Our Current Weather in Atlanta

"No joy can equal the joy of serving others." --Sai Baba